CM3D2 – The Linux Guide

This guid was not updated since a while now. I just keep it for archive proposes.

Note: This guide is not an absolute guide !

For now, I just cover the ArchLinux based distibution (like Manjaro for exemple), but the following steps can be reproduced (with some adaptation) on other linux distributions.

This guide is based on a forum topic ( Thanks to the original author for his work.

Useful links


  • The game. I don’t use AIO pack. I recommend you to download the game as iso file.
    Try in the future if it’s possible to work with AIO packs like
  • Wine:
    Wine is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD.
  • Storage capacity:
    The first version of the game, without DLC, take 12Go of disk space so a minimum of 25~50Go is needed if you want to add DLC and extra mods / presets.

Game + last update + act2: 25.2 Go

Game installation (without playonlinux)

Alright, I got it to run on wine, here’s how you do it:

DICLAIMER: This was only tested under Arch, but I assume it works with everything else, I use wine-staging 1.9.13, your maid eyes will look weird becuase you have to run the game in directx9 mode, if anyone here knows a way to run the game in OpenGL mode please let me know, because using -force-opengl crashes it for me.

  1. You need to have the japanese locale working, to do that edit /etc/locale.gen and uncomment or add the following lines:
    ja_JP.EUC-JP EUC-JP ja_JP.UTF-8 UTF-8
  2. Then run the folling command in a terminal to generate the new locales:
  3. You need a new prefix to start from clean. Here, I will create a prefix in my home directory called « CM3D2_Wine but you can change this as you want. Just be sure to keep the path in mind. The following command tell wine to use our new prefix:
    export WINEPREFIX="$HOME/CM3D2_Wine"
    Since this is a x86 wine prefix you should also tell to wine that prefix will be a 32 bits prefix:
    export WINEARCH=win32
    Q: Why a 32 bits prefix ? I want to launch the 64 bits version of the game !

    A: Many issues appears by using the 64 bits version and I when I tryed, the game never started. But if you found any solution to use the 64 bits version with Wine, contact me, I will be happy to update this guide.

  4. Now you should get winetricks, and do:
    winetricks directx9 winetricks allfonts
  5. Now you have to do:
  6. And in the libraries tab make sure dnsapi.dll is set to built in, also in the first tab make sure your OS is set to windows 8 or 7.
  7. Now mount both discs, and after you have them mounted cd to the root of the first one run:
    LC_ALL="ja_JP" wine installer.exe
  8. The characters might be invisible, but trust me, they work in game, so you just proceed normally with the installation.
  9. Now get, unzip it and run the update program in the same way:
    LC_ALL="ja_JP" wine update.exe
  10. Do the same for the latest x86 update, in this case
  11. Now install the HF patch, this is done in the same way you did everything else (LC_ALL= »ja_JP » wine whatever.exe
    The patch might give you an error at the end but that’s normal.

    Deprecated, see the part 5: get english translation

  • Now go to the game’s folder, this is located in:
  • From there you run:
    LC_ALL="ja_JP" wine CM3D2x86.exe -force-d3d9 or LC_ALL="ja_JP.UTF-8" wine CM3D2x86.exe -force-d3d9
  • And the game should run with all the patches and shit.
  • Glitch: your character’s eyes will appear weird, but the game will be playable.
  • Whenever you want to run the game you just have to do:
    export WINEPREFIX="$HOME/CM3D_Wine" export WINEARCH=win32 cd $WINEPREFIX/KISS/CM3D2 LC_ALL="ja_JP" wine CM3D2x86.exe -force-d3d9

    Note that you can use PlayOnLinux to configure that for you. It will create an desktop shortcut that launch the game without type all of the commands.

    What I have not tested: Installing mods

Tweaks for specials configurations


If you have a GPU with the optimus technology (also called prime or primus) you can launch the game with a custom script script.

Extensions pack


Launch setup program

Install like the base game. The only difference is the executable name. Here, it’s called « selector.exe ».


The program tells you to choose an installation mode:

  • The first option will install the extension pack.
  • The second option will install the extension pack with the Chu-B Lip Support.

Click the first button to choose this option.

After installation

Although we have installed the game on a 32 bits wine prefix, the Act2 installer has also copy 64 bits game data. So you can remove the « CM3D2x64_Data » directory and the « CM3D2x64.exe » executable to free some disk space.